January 2014 Snapshots

Hi Friends!

Here’s what I was snapping last month.

My BedroomI just bought a new duvet and comforter from IKEA and they perfectly tied together all the colors in my room. Dog sold separately.

Nico vs Alligator TreatWhenever I buy Nico his food I always pick up an extra treat. This alligator is supposed to help clean his teeth. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it except have a staring contest. (OKay, so I staged this pic.)

New Hey Love Designs stationery!I redesigned they Hey Love Designs site back in August but it took me this long to order new business cards and note cards. I LOVE this design so much! I feel like it really shows my personality and the style of design I enjoy.

Slow Cooker Ghee | Hey Love: Life Whole30 Shrimp Curry with Cauliflower Rice | Hey Love: Life Whole30 Compliant Spicy Tuna Rolls | Hey Love: Life Whole30 Compliant Taco Salad | Hey Love: Life Whole30 Bento Boxes Whole30 Blackened Tilapia | Hey Love: LifeIn my last post, I talked about completing the Whole30 last month, so these photos may look familiar. Mmmm I’m hungry now.

Pretty Girls SweatI got this awesome t-shirt at the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo in DC. Pretty Girls Sweat is a non-profit organization that inspires young girls to get moving! You can buy the shirt and other cool products here.

Home Photography StudioDetermined to take better photos using the crazy awesome light that comes through my window, I bought a few foam boards from the dollar store and put my hand-me-down tripod to work. I believe that any legit blog photo should be taken in natural light whenever possible. Never use the built-in flash. The boards help bounce the light so it’s not so stark and eliminates shadows. Do you like my home-hacked photo studio?

Wearing My Heart on My SleeveI recently blogged about how much I love the heart elbow patch trend. Instead of running all over town looking for a sweater that had it (I have bad luck with online shopping), I decided to try making one myself. I love this so much.

Open House Performance

I ended up performing at my studio’s open house. I did a chair routine to Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla.” I actually taught this routine a few months ago but added a few extras. It was so thrilling performing for everyone and solidified that I’m a performer and not a trickster. I feel like it was one of my best performances yet.

Food Prep Like a BossI really got into food prepping when I was on Whole30. This particular day I cooked like mad. I made everything listed above in one day. It was crazy, but it really helped me through a busy week. I didn’t have to cook for days!

Weird's what I've got!Yea, this pretty much sums up my life. (Scroll to 0:45)

Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center Shen Yun at the Kennedy CenterI took my parents to see Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center as a very early anniversary gift as well as an early Vietnamese New Year gift (even though the show is Chinese). They didn’t love it, but they did enjoy getting out and doing something new. It was their first time there.

Nguyen Party Nguyen PartyMy parents love to throw parties. In fact, most times when I talk to them they are partying til 3 am when I’m in bed at 9 pm on a Saturday night! We celebrated my brother’s birthday the only way we know how – with a raised stage for instruments, crazy lights, and babies everywhere.

Nico is y shadow.My dog has a tendency to go wherever I go. When I was working on a craft, he was right by my feet. Although to be fair, I was standing on his bed so he’s probably just trying to give me the stink eye.

Daily Smoothies.Am I crazy for drinking smootheis when it’s this cold out? Who cares. I love ’em.

Cards Against HumanityIt’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Cards Against Humanity. I try to force it upon people whenever possible and the result is that they love it too! I’m just trying to make people more horrible so I feel better about loving this game so much! Amazon recently had a sale on all CAH products so I bought all the expansions and the Bigger Blacker Box to hold them all. I like to go through all the cards so naturally, this one stood out as a favorite. Trump card.

The National Portrait Gallery The National Portrait GalleryAfter having a lovely post-Whole30 lunch with Krista at SEI in DC, I treated myself to a little bit of culture at The National Portrait Gallery. I actually confused it with The National Gallery of Art which has this awesome corridor of lights that I was hoping to see. Instead I saw some other pretty cool stuff such as this beautiful atrium, this installation of the 50 states with TVs representing a show about about each state, and a massive portrait of LL Cool J sitting on a throne. Culture, y’all.

  • http://www.tinynfit.com/ Krista

    Yay lunch!! Can’t wait for more brunches! And is it weird I LOVE getting new duvets? It’s like a new paint color for your bed (but non-permanent!)